The myth of Hemp

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The DEA and Department of Justice's claim that the prohibition of domestic hemp cultivation should continue because of its relationship to marijuana is a fabrication by the Federal Government that unjustly places hemp in the same classification as illegal drugs. There are strains of industrial hemp that are entirely drug-free. Law enforcement's contention that high-THC cannabis could be hidden in a hemp field is also erroneous, as cross-pollination would ruin the marijuana crop and the hemp as well.

Their claim that it's too difficult to tell the difference in the field is also deceitful. Industrial hemp looks more like bamboo than marijuana, and the other 30 industrial nations that cultivate hemp legally have no problem identifying the types of cannabis in their fields. The fact that the Drug Enforcement Agency is prohibiting a drug-free plant is proof positive that the hemp issue is not about drugs. There is no drug in the plant.

So how do we change it?

Spread the word that the Industrial Hemp Plant is totally different than the Marijuana plant since the misinformation put out by the US seems to be so effective in deterring people from finding out the truth on their own. It's like saying your Beagle is a Saint Bernard since both are dogs. Its plain to see that Industrial hemp and the Marijuana plant have been unjustly married by the media and the U.S. Government.

What can we do to show the multinational mega-corporations that we care about our environment even if they don't?

Remember, it's all about money. If we continue to buy the same old products from the same old companies that have gotten us into this mess, we can expect more of the same destruction. But, we can affect positive change by buying products produced from sustainable sources by environmentally responsible companies.

Of all the sustainable sources for consumer products, hemp is uniquely suited to provide the widest variety of life's necessities and comforts. In this way, hemp is nature's gift to humanity.

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