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HempSense Pain Relief Cream

With our Entrepreneur Program, you can make a near 100% mark up on one of our best selling products, our Pain Relief Cream.

It is easy to join our entrepreneur program, it requires no membership fees and there are no long term commitments.

How Does Our Program Work?

Starting is easy. Step 1 is to simply order one of our Entrepreneur Packages which includes 12 units of our Pain Relief Cream.

We recommend selling the Pain Relief Cream at $19.99 each. That is the same price that we sell it for to people across the nation on

The Entrepreneur Package costs $119.95 with free shipping and handling, which means each of the 12 units, costs you a little under $10.00.

That means you get you get the product at half the listed price on the website!

After your expenses, that leaves you a profit of $119.45 per Entrepreneur Package!

Best Selling Product

If you have already used our Pain Relief Cream you know how well it works. Its one-of-kind all natural formula of Emu Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Boswellia and Clove is perfect for those with Diabetes, Neuropathy, Arthritis, Shingles, Myositis, Tendonitis, Fibromyalgia or just about any joint pain.

People love’s Hemp Seed Oil based Pain Relief Cream because it provides a low cost, all natural alternative to expensive pain medication and it produces little to no side effects.

Selling it is easy. It is a proven product that is already a favorite among our current clients.

Once you have sold it for the first time, you are guaranteed to have many people coming back to you for more and more. Your business will only grow from there.

Get your business started today by ordering your first Entrepreneur Package!

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