Note: AeroSilk Natural Skin Body Lotions and Creams are the same formula as HempSense Natural, but AeroSilk Natural is packaged in our Clinician labels and is sold in Physicians’ offices. HempSense Natural is the retail label that you will find on most store shelves.

NOTE: We are NOT advocating that people stop using their prescribed medication, but would like to make people aware that some alternative therapies can be very effective in helping treat skin disorders and promoting better health.

IMPORTANT: Since AeroFEET, AeroSilk, and HempSense Naturals' SKIN CARE products do not contain harsh preservatives, it is important to keep them away from excessive heat and direct sunlight to prolong product life. Our products have a 1 year expiration date and are mixed in smaller batches and more frequently to ensure the freshest products available. Each bottle may differ slightly depending on the lot as small changes occur in the color and scent as the product cures over time.

AeroFEET, AeroSilk, and HempSenseNaturals' SKIN CARE PRODUCTS

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